ROSI and Other Student Systems Today

Date: January 3, 2021
To: ROSI Users
From: Student Information Systems
Re: ROSI and Other Student Systems Today


Hi everyone,

Happy New Year and welcome back.

All staff and faculty facing student and curriculum systems are operational this morning. If you have any difficulty signing in today after being out of the routine for two or three weeks, please remember to check that you are signed in to the correct VPN ( and are using UTORMFA. If you are still using your eToken, please remember that these will be fully retired in February 2022 – make sure to sign up for UTORMFA today.

Please note, most overnight batch procedures, including bank transfers, were suspended during the December break. These will run again today for the first time. Updated data should be available tomorrow morning. Also note, system traffic may be high this week as students check on grades and their current enrolments and possibly make course changes. Because most divisions won’t begin instruction until next week, we are not cautioning against running reports or generating admission letters as we have in other years. However, please be patient while waiting for your reports and downloads. You may want to consult the ESC knowledge base if you haven’t printed to ROSI Files in a while.

We look forward to working with you in 2022!

This email has been sent from a service account and does not accept replies. Please direct any follow up questions to the Enterprise Service Centre

Student Information Systems