ROSI Express Reports User Survey

Date: June 15, 2022
To: ROSI Users
From: Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration – Student Information Systems
Re: ROSI Express Reports User Survey


ROSI and ROSI Express Users

As you may know, EASI has been developing a new report platform based on Power BI. We are referring to our implementation as OAR (Operational and Academic Reporting). The new platform has a number of benefits including the option to combine data from multiple sources and it is not restricted to users who hold a ROSI ID.

We have already moved the governance and Curriculum Management related reports to OAR and in the near future plan to move a number of the reports currently housed in ROSI Express. Before we do that, we want to be sure that we review those reports, removing any that are no longer helpful, and identifying what changes might make existing reports more useful to users. If you use ROSI Express reports we would appreciate your feedback in the survey that can be found at this link. Please note, the document is set up in Microsoft Forms and so is not anonymous.  We would appreciate your response by June 30.

Many thanks

The Student Information Systems team.