ROSI Express Update and UTORMFA Enrollment for eToken Users

Date: November 4, 2021
ROSI Users
Student Information Systems 
Re: ROSI Express Update and UTORMFA Enrollment for eToken Users


Dear ROSI users,

As you may be aware, eToken authentication for high security applications, including AMS, ROSI, ROSI Files, Rocket Shuttle, StarRez and Unit VPNs, will migrate to UTORMFA on November 27.

If you have not signed up for UTORMFA yet, please self-enroll as soon as possible.

While UTORMFA works best with a smartphone, you can obtain a hardware token from the Tri-Campus Help Desks.

In preparation for this migration, your local IT administrator(s) will be deploying a configuration update for Cisco AnyConnect to your computer before November 8. After the deployment, you will see the current AdminVPN ( and the new AdminVPN ( This new will be fully activated on November 27please continue to use until this date.

ROSI Express Details
As ROSI Express does not require a VPN, we will be enabling UTORMFA during the login process on November 23 so that access to student information will be uninterrupted over the weekend of November 27.

If you have any questions about the UTORMFA project, send a message to

Learn more about the eToken Migration Project.