ROSI Files Proxy Error; ROSI Time Out

Date: January 5, 2024
To:  ROSI Users
From: Student Information Systems
Re: ROSI Files Proxy Error; ROSI Time Out


Happy New Year

Several ROSI users have contacted us about two issues:

ROSI Files Proxy Error

Some users receive a Proxy Error message when attempting to access ROSI Files. This is a standing error that has been reported to the vendor of the file management service on which ROSI Files sits. A fix has not yet been made available. Clearing the browser cache or using private browsing normally resolves the issue. Instructions can be found here also available from the Student Information Systems Help & Support page and the Enterprise Service Centre knowledge base.

ROSI Time Out

For security reasons ROSI does have a standard time out after XX minutes of inactivity. Some users are reporting a much shorter period when using Chrome and Edge. We are looking into the problem and the possibility that this is related to recent updates with those browsers. In the interim, if you encounter the issue and it becomes problematic for you, we recommend switching to Firefox.


If you encounter issues with any of the Student Information Systems, you can find a number of resources available in the SIS eLearning, and SIS Help and Support pages as well as knowledge base articles in the Enterprise Service Centre (ESC). If you do need to submit a support ticket to the ESC, you may find these shortcuts helpful. When submitting a ticket, please provide us with complete information (error message received, detail about what you were doing before you received the error, and what you expected) but please be careful about any confidential information. Provide student numbers but avoid including names and other personal or confidential information.


Student Information Systems