ROSI Files

ROSI Files is the file management application to manage users’ ROSI input and output files.

It provides university administrators with web-based access to all of their ROSI inputs and outputs including:

  • An electronic (.PDF) version of all printouts from ROSI
  • Datasets and reports generated from ROSI to download
  • The place where datasets are uploaded to be used by ROSI

If you have access to ROSI, you automatically have access to ROSI Files.
To learn more about ROSI Files, visit the Getting Started page which includes a few learning videos.

As downloads are managed through your browser, it is important to practice good file management. For more information on managing your downloaded files, view the Manage Confidential Information page.

File Deletion
Files in the job output directories (i.e., the “I” directories or sub-directories) and ECOPRINT directories are considered temporary. Each night, anything older than 30 days is purged, with no possibility of restoration.

Login to ROSI Files


Note: You must be enrolled with UTORMFA and use the AdminVPN to be able to connect to ROSI, ROSI Files, or ROSI Express.