Transitioning AMS SAP GUI Users to Front-End Printing Process

Date: August 19, 2022
To: IT Administrators
From: Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration and Financial Advisory Services & Training
Re: Transitioning AMS SAP GUI Users to Front-End Printing Process


Dear IT Administrators,

Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration (EASI) is seeking a vendor solution to replace an existing back-end print relay server called EMMA. This server was created in 1995 and processes print jobs from SAP and ROSI. As part of this project, we are helping users transition most print jobs to an existing front-end printing solution that is more effective and operates as an alternate to EMMA.

With front-end printing, the print jobs will flow via AMS SAP GUI and will be sent to printers already set up on users’ desktop machines. AMS SAP GUI users can use an alternate printer code called “LOCL” (Windows)/”LOCM” (Mac) in their print menu, and conveniently print to PDF or to their local printer. This transition to front-end printing will help to reduce costs, improve security and lessen IT administrators’ workload in setting up printing.

The print to PDF method for Windows uses Microsoft print to PDF. This is available by default for all Windows 10 users. However, if it has been removed please refer to these instructions from Microsoft. For older devices, users can continue to use print to PDF as usual.

To support users, the Financial Advisory Services and Training (FAST) team will be providing Connect+Learn sessions on September 8 and September 13 and later in fall 2022. They will also be providing resources on the FAST website, including instructions for Windows and Mac users.

We will be sending out details about the Connect+Learn sessions and documentation to users during the week of August 22, and will post the message to the Infotech listserv.

In future phases of the project, U of T will seek to implement a new solution to replace EMMA to accommodate select print jobs that require back-end printing (e.g. cheques, transcripts etc.).

Questions? Contact Farah Ally, EASI Project Manager –


Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration (EASI)
Financial Advisory Services & Training (FAST)