Meeting Rooms – Video Conferencing

There are 4 Meeting Rooms at Simcoe Hall where you can book online in a convenient and simple way.

The Meeting Rooms are located on the 1st Floor and are as follows –

  • Mississauga RM131 (Size: 8)
  • Scarborough RM129 (Size: 8)
  • Toronto RM128 (Size:8)
  • President’s Board RM132 (Size: 20)

You can book a Meeting Room through our ACE website (Contact your Business Officer if you need assistance booking a room)

Rooms can be booked Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. If needed, an ITS Client Care rep. can be requested to assist with any Meeting Room setup.

An ITS Client Care contact card can be found on each table in the meeting rooms if at any time you’re experiencing problems and need immediate assistance.

Every morning an ITS Client Care rep. (or technician) does a walkthrough to ensure rooms are presentable and equipment is operative.

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