Print Job Fails to Print

When you print a report, if you fail to select “print Immediately” then the print job goes to the output controller and waits for you to “print it”. Select the job and choose Print to send it on its way.

You can set print immediately as the default from the
System>>User Profile>>User Defaults
menu so that this will always be the case.

At any time when you have a problem printing, check the output controller
System>>Services>>Output Controller
And look at your print spool requests to determine their status.

The output controller will tell you whether they are in process, waiting, had an error, or have completed.

If you had selected print immediately, and the job is in the output controller showing an error message, you can double click on the job and then display the log to see what the error was. If it is a system error of some form, please report the problem to the console operator at 978-7335.

If your print jobs are showing WAIT status then there may be a long print job that is holding up the print queue. At month end, there is a possibility of seeing a delay of perhaps 1 hour while the huge month end report is transmitted to the print system.

If your jobs have left the AMS system (completed) but have not printed, check your local print configuration for problems. For SAPLPD users, the two most likely problems are: SAPLPD is no longer running; SAPLPD is running but detected a configuration problem. Check the SAPLPD window for messages. Ensure that the IP address of the PC running SAPLPD has not changed or the Windows name of the SAPLPD printer has not changed.

Ensure that Windows and departmental firewalls allow ( to connect to the printer using TCP port 515.

For network attached printers, ensure that access control lists allow access from and that printers that enforce user codes allow an exception for

If your jobs show completed, but still have not printed, and everything looks correct at your end, contact and report the problem. They can look for your print jobs at various stages along the route to your printer and check for problems. Please tell them you are an AMS user and provide them with the name of your AMS printer (the 3 character name assigned to your printer).

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