Update on the Compensation Planning Tool Project

Date:  December 17, 2021
To: B6 Users
From: Planning & Budget Office and Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration
Re: Update on the Compensation Planning Tool Project


For those who currently do compensation planning and budgeting at the University:

As you may be aware, the University has been working to implement a new “made@ U of T” Compensation Planning Tool with improvements to the existing SAP tool (B6). This approach will deliver many of the improvements sought by our financial planning community, while retaining the robust security, performance, and familiar interface of the SAP platform.

We completed our User Acceptance Testing on December 3 with over 80 participants who represented key divisions across all three campuses. Based on testing results and recommendations, the project leadership has determined that the product is ready to be launched.

Training will occur in a train-the-trainer format starting in January 2022, and we will be hosting Connect+Learn sessions to provide a demo. We plan to launch the new tool for the 2022-23 budget planning process in February 2022.

Benefits of the new compensation planning tool include:

  • An improved, intuitive user experience, data analysis and validation that builds on the familiarity of the existing B6 tool.
  • Long-range compensation planning with a six-year planning outlook and salary increase projections.
  • A holistic view of compensation, which expands beyond the current data on appointed staff to include appointed hourly and non-appointed staff.
  • Salary increase scenario planning, which allows divisional users to input long range increase assumptions for various employee groups
  • Simplified compensation projections by automating USW grid step salary increase provision calculations.

Thank you for your input and participation to date.

We look forward to providing you with further updates on the project.


Contact Darshan Harrinanan, EASI Project Manager, at darshan.harrinanan@utoronto.ca


Planning & Budget Office
Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration (EASI)