Bulk changes to offer response dates (ROEN-97) 

Date:  April 9, 2021
To: Registrarial Community
From:  Student Information Systems
Re: Bulk changes to offer response dates (ROEN-97)


*** This e-mail is sent on behalf of Student Accounts ***

Dear colleagues,

We have now implemented ROSI change request ROEN-97, which enables bulk updating of offer response dates. This change was suggested to support the admissions process for those groups using admission deposit, but use of admission deposit is not required. Prior to this, users had been updating response dates manually. This change should make the process of extending response periods more efficient.

Bulk changes are processed via a production request, using form SAJ1207 (attached). See here for more information about production requests, and a list of production request forms.

Required file name: SAJ1207.INPUT

Required file information:

  • Student number
    • Must be 10 digits, add leading zeroes for student numbers less than 10 digits
  • POSt Code
    • Must include all whitespace
    • No space between student number and POSt Code
  • Session code
  • Candidacy status code
  • New offer response date
    • No space between candidacy status code and new offer response date
  • Should the date be overwritten if an admission letter has already been produced? (Y/N)
    • No space between new response date and letter override value

 File format example:

1012451810PG   MMPA 20219 ADM2021-04-30Y

1006051371NU   PHD     20219 ADM2021-04-30Y

The example above will overwrite the response dates for the records in sis.cand_sts corresponding to the provided combinations of student number, POSt Code, session, and candidacy status code. In this example, both response dates will be changed to 2021-04-30.

Please submit a ticket via the ESC if you have any follow-up questions about this process.

Student Information Systems