EASI Retirements: August 2020

Congratulations to Gaye Wignall, who will be retiring on August 31 after 31 years of dedicated service to the university. Gaye joined the Student Information Systems team in January 2000 and has worked on a broad range of projects, including ROSI, ROSI Express, Convocation, Degree Explorer, Varsity Blues Registration System, StarRez and OUAC.

Learn more about Gaye below, and please join me in wishing her all the best in the future!

Cathy Eberts
Director Enterprise Applications and Deputy CIO

Gaye Wignall poses for a photo in front of brick wall

Gaye Wignall, Senior Information Systems Analyst, EASI
Joined U of T: September 1989
Retirement and last day at work: August 31, 2020

Describe your background and how you arrived at EASI
My path at the University of Toronto has been very interesting and full of twists and turns. It all began when I listed my name with a temporary agency. They found me an administrative position with Kathryn Hough and Dr. Fraser Mustard at the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research. From there, I was fortunate to gain experience with the following mentors:

  • Darlene Frampton and Jennifer Clark, Public Relations, Faculty of Arts and Science
  • Sharon Bradley, Alumni Office, Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Health
  • Terry Rubenstein, Financial Office, Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Health
  • Angela Snikkar, Rick Hayward and Jennifer Leigh, Student Information Systems
  • Marilee Keogh and Rodney Branch, Client Services, EASI

Each mentor has had a part in shaping who I am today by imparting their guidance, knowledge and encouragement.  I am most grateful for their leadership.

What will you remember most about EASI?
In a word “teamwork”. Angela Snikkar informed me when she hired me at SIS that no one would ever know everything there was to know about ROSI. If I needed help in understanding a particular issue, I needed to speak with the “expert” – the person who had the knowledge about that particular area of ROSI. The advice also applies to EASI. I could not have done my job at EASI without the support and expertise of others. Everyone has been so willing to explain, assist and answer my questions. I will never forget their kindness.

What will you remember most about U of T?
All the great people who work there and special moments shared together.

What do you plan to do in retirement?
Switch from left-brained to right-brained, and see where my creativity takes me; and of course, have fun experiencing new places, new challenges, and meeting new people along the way.