U of T’s New Phonebook – Authenticated Search and Departmental Administrator Modules Launch

Hi everyone,

We are excited to announce that U of T has now launched the Authenticated Search and Departmental Administrator modules for the phonebook directory. As you may be aware, the public website was launched on July 29. The directory features a more modern, accurate and mobile-friendly website, where you can easily search for staff, faculty members and division or department information using an accessible interface.

Want to learn more about the Authenticated Search and Departmental Administrator Modules? Attend one of our training sessions on August 19 or 20 to find out about the minor changes that will be introduced. On the same webpage, you can also view a recording of a previous training session and we have provided FAQs and a table that reflects the changes from the old to new phonebook.

This new phonebook directory will ease Departmental Administrators’ workload, since staff and faculty can update secondary information (for example alternate email/phone number). Primarily, Departmental Administrators will need to maintain departmental-specific contact information.

Learn more about the project and read an article about the new phonebook.

Please note: the U of T Phonebook Directory is supported on Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.


Since fall 2019, Information Technology Services along with Human Resources & Equity have worked to improve data accuracy and have also conducted extensive research, design and usability testing across all three campuses.


Public Search (Launched July 29) – Available to all internal and external users 

  • Will allow for users to easily search for staff, faculty members and division or department information.
  • Will offer more reliable and robust data due to a new process flow, continuous data cleansing and automation.
  • Similar to Google, the site will take the guesswork out of searching by providing autosuggestions, and will guide people through the searching process with helpful tips.
  • Will display helpful information from all three campuses, including emergency, media and safety contacts.
  • Will provide a more modern user experience, which is accessible and mobile-friendly.

Authenticated Search (Launched August 11) – Available to U of T staff and faculty when they log in using their UTORid

  • Will provide a self-serve option, allowing users to update their contact information.
  • Will allow users to download a list of search results and departmental contacts.

Departmental Administrator Module (Launched August 11)

Questions or need help? Submit a ticket to the Enterprise Service Centre.

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