Frequently Asked Questions

The following frequently asked questions have been developed to help users orient themselves with the new phonebook directory. 

Please note: the U of T Phonebook Directory is supported on Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Public Search Module
 (Launched July 29)
The Public Search Module is available to all internal and external users. This website will allow users to easily search for staff, faculty members and division or department information. Similar to Google, the site will take the guesswork out of searching by providing auto suggestions and will guide people through the searching process with helpful tips.

ote: to see more than 25 results at a time, log in to the Authenticated Search Module. 

Authenticated Search Module for U of T Staff and Faculty (Launched August 11)
All U of T staff and faculty can log in to the Phonebook Directory’s Authenticated Module using their UTORid. Once logged in, you will be able to view more than 25 results at a time and you can download those results as a PDF file.
You will also be able to edit parts of your information as explained below.

1. What information will people see?
Anyone who searches for you on the directory can see your name, title, campus, faculty or department, phone and fax numbers, and email address(es).

2. How does my contact phone number and email address get added to the phonebook?
The new phonebook uses logic to capture records from three different sources: HRIS, UTORAuth, and U of T’s Broad Connect Canada (BCC– VoIP provider) and is automatically routed to the phonebook. 

3. What should I do if I notice an error
in my contact information in the phonebook?
If the error is in the primary contact information, contact your Departmental AdministratorIf the error is in the secondary contact informationthe user can correct the error through the phonebook on the Manage My Info screen.

4. What is my Human Resource
(HR) contact number and email?

Your HR contact phone number and email are used by HR for official communications to you. You can select any of your existing phone numbers and emails as your HR contact information. Please note that you cannot set a fax number as your HR contact number. Any changes to the HR contact phone number and email will be sent to and reflected in the U of T SAP HR system. 

Departmental Administrator Module
(Launched August 11)
This new phonebook directory will ease Departmental Administrators’ workload, since staff and faculty can update secondary information (for example, alternate email/phone number). Primarily, Departmental Administrators will need to maintain departmental-specific contact information.


1. Are Business Officers automatically designated as the Departmental Administrator?
Yes, if someone is a business officer in HRIS, they they are automatically designated as Departmental Administrator.

2. How do I add an SAP Business Officer as a Departmental Administrator?
No action is needed  this is now an automated process with data taken from the Human Resources Information System (HRIS).

3. How do I add someone who is not a Business Officer as a Departmental Administrator?
Send an email to

4. How do I add a new employee record or phone line record?
No action is needed  this is now an automated process and the request will be initiated during the telephone line request through U of T’s Broad Connect Canada (BCC) website.

5. What departmental information can I edit?  

  • Edit the street address, room number (optional), floor number, building name, city, province, country and postal code. 
  • Add a departmental website. 
  • Edit your department’s VoIP phone and fax number through U of T’s Broad Connect Canada (BCC) website if your department is located at the St. George or University of Toronto Mississauga campuses. If your department is located at University of Toronto Scarborough, submit a request through I&ITS. 
  • Add additional phone and fax numbers. 
  • Add, edit and remove additional email addresses. 
  • Add additional custom contact sections with more contact information beyond the General Inquiries section e.g. Media Inquiries and Admissions Inquiries etc. 

6. Can I update my job title as it is displayed in phonebook application?
Your Departmental Administrator can update your preferred job title for the phonebook, this will not update your job role in HRIS.

7. Can I still make updates to phonebook records via Telecoms module?After our launch date on July 29all changes done on the telecom module will not be reflected in the new phonebook. The Authenticated and Business Officer modules will allow users to update information on their own via the Manage My Departments screen.

8. Since faculty and staff will be able to edit their own HR Contact Phone Number and Email, secondary phone numbers and secondary email addresses under the “Manage My Info” tab, will they be offered training?
Support and training is availalbe on the Alternatively, you can submit a ticket via the Enterprise Service Centre  if you have any follow-up questions or concerns.

9. Can there be 2 staff members with access to the “Manage My Departments” tab?
Yes, there is no limit to the number of staff that have access to the “Manage My Department” tab.

10. How do I include an existing Bell Centrex line in the directory?Employees and Departmental Administrators can add analog lines as secondary numbers.

11. How do I manage existing Bell Centrex Lines?
You will work with U of T Telecommunications to process the request with Bell. Contact

12. What if I want an employee’s email to appear as generic and not include their name?
If you would like to replace an employee’s email e.g. with a generic account e.g., you can do this using the new phonebook directory via the Manage My Departments screen.

13. How do I edit an employee’s building location and/or emergency location?
If your employee is working at the St. George or University of Toronto Mississauga campuses, visit U of T’s Broad Connect Canada (BCC) website. If your employee is working at University of Toronto Scarborough, submit a request through I&ITS.

14. How does the new phonebook apply to Federated Colleges?
If you have a VoIP line number provided by U of T, it should be listed in the Phonebook. If it is a Bell Centrex line (analog), a Departmental Administrator can manually add it.

15. When I search faculty or department names, am I able to see office location?
Yes, you will be able to see all office and campus locations including Federated Colleges and offcampus locations in the search results.

16. When I search for a personal record, am I able to see their physical location?
No, not in this current release.

17. Are you able to hide certain records e.g. cell phone?
This feature is expected in a future release. If there is a safety concern to hide a record, this will be managed by the Community Safety Office at (416) 978-1485.

18. Will I be able to download search results?
Yes, you can download a PDF copy of your search results. A CSV download will be available in a future release.

19. How are search results listed?
Presentlythe most relevant search results are listed at the top and they will not always appear in alphabetical order. However, we will look to make future improvements such as sorting by alphabetical order in a future release. 

20. Is there a way to obtain a list of who can update directory entries for other areas of the University?
In the current release you can obtain this information by submitting a ticket via the Enterprise Service Centre.

21. Is there a list of accepted email address domains associated with U of T that I can add to the Directory?
Yes, a full list of accepted email address domains can be found in this document.

22. Can I integrate an existing list into the new phonebook?
Since the new phonebook uses logic to capture records from three different sources: HRIS, UTORAuth and U of T’s Broad Connect Canada (BCC – VoIP provider)your list should already be included. If you think your list/numbers are not captured in any of these sources, please submit a ticket via the Enterprise Service Centre.

23. Are the employee departments directly related to the HRIS org units that an employee belongs to in HRIS?
Yes, they are directly related. 

24. What do I do if one or more of my departments is missing from my departmental administrator access?
Please create a ticket via the Enterprise Service Centre.

25. Will the new phonebook have API capabilities?
API’s for interconnecting with other apps will be available in a future release.

26. What happens when an employee leaves U of T?
When an employee leaves U of T, if the leave is updated in HRIS, then it is automatically routed to phonebook and the record is removed.

27. Are there any supports available on the changes?
Yes, the Enterprise Service Centre has some knowledge base articles to assist on the changes implemented. Visit the Enterprise Service Centre to search all available articles and services.

28. Who do I contact if I have more questions?
Contact the Enterprise Service Centre to ask questions or report a problem by visiting and create a ticket via the Get Help form.