NGSIS Platform Modernization Project: User Acceptance Testing Launches

ROSI testers sitting in front of laptops testingEASI welcomes the first group of user acceptance testers to the NGSIS Platform Modernization Project.

On June 25, Enterprise Applications and Solutions Integration (EASI) welcomed the first group of users to test the NGSIS Platform Modernization Project.

This phase of testing includes initial preparation for registration.

“We were excited to start the first of six phases today,” says Richard Chow, an information technology analyst with EASI, and the testing lead. “Participants are setting up students and courses for future registration sessions, and ensuring data accuracy.”

If a user finds a bug in the system, their names will be entered into a bi-weekly draw for one of two $10 Tim Hortons gift cards.

“We’ve really tried to make this a fun process!” says Kelly Jay, senior information systems analyst with EASI. “We have a piñata, beach balls and snacks at our testing location in 215 Huron St. This is an opportunity for users to see how the system is performing and to also build community.”

Next steps for testing include registration preparation, student enrolment, marks, awards and convocation.

EASI has created a roadmap to measure progress through the six phases.

The roadmap shows User Acceptance Testing progress
The roadmap shows User Acceptance Testing progress – credit Alex Dault

“Testing today went really smoothly,” says Chow. “Everyone could familiarize themselves with the new tools, and we expect all users to adapt to the new system quickly.”