Reminder: Logging in to AdminVPN, AMS and ROSI on Nov. 27 and Beyond

Sent on behalf of Information Security – Information Technology Services

Dear eToken users,

This is a reminder that eToken authentication for AMS, ROSI, ROSI Files, Rocket Shuttle, StarRez and AdminVPN, will migrate to UTORMFA on Saturday, November 27. While these applications will be unavailable on Saturday, November 27 from 1:45 pm to 4:00 pm, ROSI Express will remain available.

After Saturday, November 27 at 4:00 pm, please follow these instructions: 

After November 27 at 4:00 pm



You no longer need to use your eToken to access AMS, ROSI, ROSI Files, Rocket Shuttle, StarRez and AdminVPN. You can now authenticate with UTORMFA.


If you haven’t already signed up for UTORMFA, you can enroll on the UTORMFA website.

Cisco AnyConnect drop down menu showing To access these applications, open Cisco AnyConnect. Do not plug in your eToken. Select “” from the drop-down menu. You will then click “Connect.”


If you do not see in the drop-down list, contact your IT administrator to update the Cisco AnyConnect profile on your computer.

Screenshot of U of T's weblogin screen Enter your UTORid and UTORid password in the U of T Weblogin window and authenticate using UTORMFA with your phone or hardware token.



  You should now be able to access AMS using SAP GUI. You will need to further authenticate to access ROSI, as per the regular process using the supported browser of your choice.
eToken showing USB connection Please keep your eToken and return it to your eToken administrator starting in January/February 2022. Your eToken administrator will then forward it through interoffice mail to Information Security for secure disposal.


Learn more about the eToken Migration Project.

If you require assistance, please contact your local IT administrator or your campus help desk:

Thank you to everyone for your help in making this project a success.

Information Security