Digital Workplace Managed Desktop

For more than 18 years, the Digital Workplace’s Managed Desktop Service has provided departments with a way to efficiently support their standard technology requirements, including machine installation, configuration, disposal, data storage, business continuity, software licensing and updates, virus and ransomware prevention and cleanup, and business solution implementation.

About Managed Desktop

Who We Support

The Digital Workplace team currently provides a wide range of IT services to 30 units across the University, including:

  • Simcoe Hall
  • Multiple faculties and departments
  • Shared Services departments

Find a comprehensive list of Digital Workplace divisions.


The Client Care Team provides support through two key enabling technologies:

  • The UTORcsi — Consolidated Server Infrastructure
  • The Managed Desktop Service (MDS)

Meeting Room Design

Please reference the Approved AV Guidelines for Meeting Room Design.

Working Remotely

Please reference the Working Remotely with Managed Desktop page.

Supported Devices


  • MacBook Pros
  • Dell Latitude Laptops
  • Lenovo ThinkPads


  • Mac Pros
  • Dell OptiPlex Desktops
  • Lenovo ThinkCentres


Procuring Computer Equipment

Procuring Computer Equipment

Please review the following documents for workstation equipment recommendations:

To help reduce costs and for convenience, Flex Roaming plans have now been implemented for all Corporate Cellphone accounts. Flex plans are automatically added when travel is detected on the mobile device. Roaming plans no longer need to be requested in advance of travel, and costs may be reduced.

Contact Client Care with the request to purchase UTORcsi standard hardware including desktops, monitors, laptops and printers.

Client Care will review and recommend a quote based on your computing hardware requirements within uSOURCE.

Forward the quote to your manager for approval.

Once approved, place the order through your Department Business Officer.

Protecting Your Equipment

Protecting Your Equipment

  • Users can securely login on both Windows and Mac platforms
  • Users can login to laptops (Windows and Mac) and have a similar user experience as in the office including application support and access to files
  • Mac users can make use of network shares and home directories directly through Finder
  • Drives and network resources are mapped automatically at login
  • Folder redirection so that My Documents is synchronized with your network folder
  • Desktop is stored on the server so that you have the same user experience when logged on to another workstation
  • When you login to another workstation your “User Profile” moves with you so that you have access to the same network shares, your personal network share, printers and resources as you do on your own workstation
  • using BitLocker and user account encryption using FileVault
  • Including a Time Machine service for OS X workstations
  • File recovery through Volume Shadow Copies

Problem diagnosis and correction for desktops & laptops

Upon request Client Care staff will pick up and dispose of IT assets purchased with university funds. Assets including smartphones, desktop and laptop hard drives are securely wiped before disposal.

  • Application and software installation with system inventory and reporting
  • Updates and patches (Word, Excel, Adobe etc.) applied to workstations automatically
  • Updates and patches applied to workstations automatically
  • Workstation imaging: operating system installation with application installation

Employee Setup

Employee Setup

The Digital Workplace team currently provides a wide range of IT services to employees in 30 units across the University, including:

  • Simcoe Hall
  • Multiple faculties and departments
  • Shared Services departments

Find a comprehensive list of Digital Workplace divisions.

Once a UTORid has been created and provided by HR, open a ticket to Client Care through the ‘My Service Request’ application found on your desktop.

Enter your U of T email address and phone number.

Under Which Helpdesk?, make sure SIMCOE.HELP is checked and under Problem Encountered New Account is checked.

A Details of New User template will now appear. Fill out all relevant boxes and Submit.

This ticket will ensure ITS Client Care has the correct information for:

  • creating a Windows User Account
  • providing access to personal and department network drives
  • printer driver installation to personal and network shared printers
  • software installation
  • Listserv access

Travel Support

Travel Support

VPN connectivity from off-campus through the UTORcsi VPN service

Remote workstation access through Remote Desktop Gateway – work remotely with full access to files, printers & resources

Contact ITS Client Care to have them test the Remote Desktop and VPN applications to ensure everything is working before travelling.



There are 4 Meeting Rooms at Simcoe Hall where you can book online in a convenient and simple way.

The Meeting Rooms are located on the 1st Floor and are as follows –

  • Mississauga RM131 (Size: 8)
  • Scarborough RM129 (Size: 8)
  • Toronto RM128 (Size:8)
  • President’s Board RM132 (Size: 20)

You can book a Meeting Room through our ACE website (Contact your Business Officer if you need assistance booking a room)

Rooms can be booked Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. If needed, an ITS Client Care rep. can be requested to assist with any Meeting Room setup.

An ITS Client Care contact card can be found on each table in the meeting rooms if at any time you’re experiencing problems and need immediate assistance.

Every morning an ITS Client Care rep. (or technician) does a walkthrough to ensure rooms are presentable and equipment is operative.

A resource calendar is a calendar that is used to manage the booking of departmental resources and to reflect specific working hours, vacations, leaves of absence, and planned personal time for individual resources.

Contact Information Commons to request a new resource calendar.

LISTSERV is a system for disseminating information to large groups of people. There are two types of user groups for LISTSERVs: Owners and Subscribers.

Visit the Info Commons LISTSERV at UofT – UTORlist page for more information on listserv management and memberhsip.

Most departments and faculties have a designated individual who handles telephone requests for that department. Requests for service should be processed by the depart­ment telephone co-coordinator who will then send the request to Telecommunications. When requesting service, please describe changes you are requesting in detail. If you have questions, contact Telecommunications. Please visit for information on:

  • purchase of telephone sets
  • billing information
  • voice mail instructions


What isn’t directly supported

We will not physically move computers, but we will disconnect and reconnect.

We do not support custom applications as we have to determine what they are and if we can support them. We have a track record of being able to unless they are non-vendor-based web applications.

We do not support network infrastructure, which includes switches, routers, cabling etc.

We do not support peripherals such as printers and scanners (although driver installation is included, print queue creation etc we will not service printers, scanners, bar code readers, photocopiers etc).


Simcoe Hall and McMurrich Building IT Support

Hours: 8:45am – 5:00pm

Submit a ticket for support at:

Phone: 416-946-3490
Address: 27 King’s College Circle, Room 9

Team Contacts

Pascal Loucadellis
Client Support Manager
416 978 4924

Percy Lo
Client Support Analyst
416 946 8369

Peter Sverko
Meeting Room Technology Coordinator

Prajjwal Rajawat
Client Support Analyst

Alykhan Halani
Client Support Analyst, SGS
416 458 5308



To follow up on an issue, please contact Pascal Loucadellis.

Vicki Vokas
Senior Manager Client Services
416 978 0122