Return to Campus ITS Toolkit

The return to campus brings excitement, challenges and new solutions. The Return to Campus ITS Toolkit assembles information on key products and technologies that can help make your return to campus seamless. Use this toolkit to find information on products that can help your hybrid team stay connected when working on campus and remotely.


Upcoming training dates

Want to learn more about enterprise products? Attend a drop-in training session.

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Connect+Learn: Collaboration with SharePoint

Join Connect+Learn for a session on tips and tricks for using SharePoint for document libraries and team collaboration on files. Building blocks of SharePoint. SharePoint Standalone sites vs. Team Sites …

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Connect+Learn: Video-Content management with Stream (on SharePoint)

Join Connect+Learn on a walk through session using the new Stream to manage video content. How to access the new Stream. What are the new key features. How your video …

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Connect+Learn: Automation and Workflows with Power Automate

Join Connect+Learn on a session on automation and workflows with Power Automate. A service that helps you create automated workflows for repetitive business processes. Power Automate can send reminders on …

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Connect+Learn: Effective Survey and Quizzes with Microsoft Forms

Join Connect+Learn for a session on exploring surveys, data collection and quizzes using Microsoft Forms. Creating Surveys & Quizzes in Microsoft Forms Live Poll in Teams & PowerPoint using Microsoft …

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Connect+Learn: Empower Your Ideas with Microsoft Power Apps

Join Connect+Learn for a session to empower your ideas with Microsoft Power Apps. Transforming Concepts into Custom Applications. We will discuss: What are Power Apps? Building blocks of Power Apps …

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Connect+Learn: Maximizing Productivity with Microsoft Planner

Join Connect+Learn for a session on maximizing productivity with Microsoft planner. Efficiency and Collaboration through Effective Task Management Organize tasks for your team Track your Project Progress Using planner as …

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