UTime: U of T's Timekeeping & Scheduling Solution


U of T will be upgrading to Ultimate Kronos Group’s (UKG’s) Dimensions timekeeping solution in advance of Kronos Workforce Central’s end of life in 2025. UTime offers users an improved look and feel, while retaining the robust timekeeping functionality currently available in Workforce Central.

This Information Technology Services initiative started in late fall 2023 in collaboration with People Strategy, Equity & Culture, and participating divisions and faculties across the University. Full implementation is anticipated to extend to late 2024.

In addition to the implementation, the project team will optimize current application configurations to streamline business processes across the tri-campus.


  • Robust timekeeping functionality currently available in Workforce Central.
  • Full set of advanced scheduling features.
  • Improved user interface.
  • Lower implementation costs and included transition tools.


Our central timekeeping and advanced scheduling solution has over 6,000 users and is established in over 20+ clients/faculties and divisions at the University. Dimensions has an improved look and feel while retaining robust timekeeping functionality currently available in Kronos’ Workforce Central.

To facilitate a smooth transition to Dimensions, there is a Workforce Central production freeze as of October 1, 2023. No new client groups will be onboarded to Workforce Central until Dimensions is generally available. However, for existing client groups, new managers/supervisors and users can continue to be added or modified in Workforce Central during the implementation.


  • A – Milestone: Target Launch: Nov '24, Occurs November 2024
  • B – Task: Design: Requirements, Starts November 2023, Ends February 2024
  • C – Task: Configuration and Development: Migration/Build, Starts February 2024, Ends June 2024
  • D – Task: Testing, Starts July 2024, Ends October 2024
  • E – Task: Training, Starts October 2024, Ends October 2024
  • F – Task: Cutover, Starts October 2024, Ends November 2024


  • Ian MacEachern – Director, Benefits, Pensions & Payroll, Division of People Strategy, Equity & Culture  Co-Sponsor (Process Owner)
  • Swetlana Signarowski – Executive Director, Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration Co-Sponsor (IT/Product Owner)
  • Farah Ally – Senior Project Manager, Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration
  • Olenka Baron – Chief Financial Officer, Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering
  • Kerry Benton – Payroll Manager, Hart House
  • Darlene Chow – Human Resources Director, University of Toronto Libraries 
  • Bernadette Fenton – Assistant Director, Human Resource Services, University of Toronto Scarborough     
  • Sharon Grandison – Director of Human Resources, Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education
  • Paul Handley – Chief Administrative Officer,  Office of the Dean, Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education
  • Lori-Anne Hill – Director, Human Resources, Vice President Operations and Real Estate Partnerships
  • Rebecca Ko – Manager of Human Resources, Faculty of Dentistry
  • Samina Majeed – Manager, Payroll and Benefits, University of Toronto Mississauga 
  • Clark Miller – Assistant Director, Digital Workforce & Analytics, Division of People Strategy, Equity & Culture
  • Madelaine Panoulias – Manager, Human Resources, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
  • Gary Raposo – Interim Assistant Director, Human Resources Information Systems, Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration
  • Monica Seymour – Assistant Director, Human Resources, University of Toronto Mississauga