Reminder: Jira Offboarding December 13 – Jira End of Life

Date: December 5, 2023
Jira Users
From: Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration
Re: Reminder: Jira Offboarding December 13 – Jira End of Life


Dear Jira Users,

This is a reminder that Atlassian has announced that support for Jira Software Server will end on February 15, 2024. As a result, Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration (EASI) will be moving to the Azure DevOps platform as part of the Jira Migration Project.

Divisions that are currently using Jira Server, and are not interacting with EASI projects, are encouraged to transition to Azure DevOps due to its increased security, alignment with U of T’s technical roadmap and future evolution with Microsoft. If your division is transitioning to Jira Cloud, Jira Software Cloud Standard is recommended as the minimum due to security requirements.

In preparation for the February 2024 deadline, it will be necessary to offboard your division from Jira Server by December 13, 2023.  

If your division would like to onboard to Azure DevOps, please fill out this form. Once onboarded, divisions will be charged back on a quarterly basis.

EASI will continue to work to onboard partner divisions, as listed on the project webpage, to Azure DevOps.

Want to learn more? Watch a past Connect+Learn session or contact Laurel Williams, Project Lead, at


Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration (EASI)