Reminder: U of T Stream Classic retirement

Date:  July 20, 2023
To:  U of T IT and education technology communities
From:  Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration; Academic, Research & Collaborative Technologies (ARC)
Re:     Reminder: U of T Stream Classic retirement 


Dear colleagues, 

As per our June memo, Microsoft Stream Classic will be retired for U of T on August 29. Stream Classic video owners have until August 29 to download or request migration for videos they would like to move to the new version of Stream built on SharePoint. As of July 11, users can no longer upload new videos to Stream Classic but can continue to view, share and download content. 

To minimize disruptions to teaching and administrative activities and ensure the community has uninterrupted access to video content originating in Stream Classic, the retirement continues to follow a phased approach. Please note the following important dates: 

July 11 to August 28  Users should review their videos in Stream Classic and download any videos they wish to retain. Users with large volumes of videos (>30) can submit requests to and have their content migrated to OneDrive or SharePoint (see information below). 
August 29, 2023  Stream Classic will be retired in the U of T tenant. Videos that have not been downloaded or migrated will no longer be accessible to end users.  

Next steps 

We ask that community members with videos in Stream Classic do the following as soon as possible: 

  • Review videos stored in Stream Classic and determine what content is still needed. 
  • Download or request migration for needed content.  
  • Update external links as required. 

A complete overview of the steps community members should take, instructions on how to download and request a video migration and answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the U of T Stream Classic Retirement page. 


Information Technology Services (ITS) will continue to communicate with Stream Classic end users directly throughout the summer to provide instructions, reminders and resources. Our support team is also proactively contacting end users with large video repositories to schedule video migrations. 

EASI recently held two Connect+Learn sessions to give the U of T community an overview of the new version of Stream and the opportunity to ask questions about the Stream Classic retirement. Recordings of the sessions can be found on the Past Connect+Learn Sessions page. 

Any questions from your community regarding the Stream Classic migration can be directed to the Stream Classic retirement team at: 

Kind regards, 

Jeremy Graham, Assistant Director, Operations, Academic, Research & Collaborative Technologies (ARC) 

Vicki Vokas, Senior Manager, Client Services, Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration (EASI) 


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