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The University of Toronto has ​moved from the​ legacy UTORmail email service to Office 365 (UTmail+), an email platform powered by Microsoft 365. By the end of 2021, the University will  migrate all remaining eligible UTORmail email accounts to Office 365 and decommission the UTORmail service.  

All remaining UTORmail email accounts are now scheduled for permanent closure in late 2021. Individuals who are eligible for an Office 365 email account are encouraged to switch early in order to avoid email service disruption. 

U of T community members who will be impacted by this migration will also receive targeted communications from the University notifying them of this upcoming change to their email service.

Please review this page carefully to:

      • Determine whether you are eligible for an Office 365 email account and what your next steps should be depending on your eligibility.
      • Learn what to look for in legitimate notices from ITS regarding your email migration and how to spot possible phishing attempts. 
      • Find answers to frequently asked questions.
      • Access help and support.
      • Learn more about the project.

Service Change Notifications 

Note: This webpage will be updated periodically with information about legitimate notices that have been sent out. 

UTORmail accounts will start receiving targeted notices informing them of the upcoming end of service. Relevant instructions for upgrading (if eligible) or transitioning away from the account will be included. 

Accounts pre-assigned a scheduled upgrade date will be moved to Office 365 (UTmail+) email by the University’s Digital Workplace group unless otherwise instructed by the account owner.  


Am I eligible for an Office 365 (UTmail+) email account?   

The Office 365 (UTmail+) email service is currently available to the following University of Toronto community members:  

      • Active students  
      • Active staff  
      • Active and retired faculty and librarians  
      • Alumni  (coming soon)

If you fall into one of these categories, you can upgrade your existing UTORmail account to Office 365 email.  

Full details about eligibility requirements can be found online via the University’s HR & Equity website.

Generic or shared email addresses can only be upgraded with the assistance of University IT staff; contact your department, faculty/college or campus IT Help Desk to upgrade a shared email address.  

Process overview

If you are eligible to upgrade to an Office 365 (UTmail+) email account

If you have determined that you are eligible to upgrade to an Office 365 (UTmail+) email account,  you have two options.

  1. Self-migration: Go to Upgrade to Office 365 (UTmail+) Email and follow the instructions to initiate your migration. 
  2. Automatic migration: If you do not take action to initiate your migration you will be automatically migrated to Office 365 email by ITS.

If you are NOT eligible for a UTmail+ email account

If you have determined that you are NOT eligible for an Office 365 (UTmail+) email account, please review the Prepare for Account Closure page for next steps and detailed instructions on how back up your email content.


Frequently Asked Questions

UTORmail Project

You can independently confirm whether your email account is still on the legacy UTORmail system in one of two ways. 

Method A: Look up your email account on the UTORid Management site 

      1. Go to the UTORid Account Management website at . 
      2. Click on the link in the right-hand column labelled “get info” . 
      3. Enter your UTORid and password, then click Authenticate. 
      4. On the resulting page, find the section displaying your email address. If the title of the section is “UTORMAIL”, you are still using the legacy UTORmail system. If the title of the section is “University Staff/Faculty Email”, you are already using the new UTmail+ system. 

Method B: Log into your inbox over the web 

      1. Go to the UTORmail online portal at 
      2. Enter your UTORid and password, then click the button labelled “log in”. 
      3. Once you have successfully signed into your inbox, compare the upper left portion of your screen with the two images below. If your screen looks similar to the first image that displays the University of Toronto logo (exact colours may vary), you are still using the legacy UTORmail system and should upgrade if eligible. If your screen looks more like the bottom image with the “Outlook” label, you are already using the new Office 365 (UTmail+) email system, and should update any saved bookmarks for U of T email to 

UTORmail layout

UTmail+ layout

If you believe that you are eligible for an Office 365 (UTmail+) email account but received a message stating that you were not eligible while attempting to self-upgrade, you will need to contact one of the following groups to confirm that you are listed as an active University community member:

      • Faculty, staff and librarians: Contact your local business officer or HR department.  
      • Students: Contact your faculty or college registrar’s office.  
      • Emeritus faculty: Contact the department or faculty from which you retired.  
      • Alumni: please see “Alumni email service inquires” in the section below.

If you have verified with an above group that you are indeed an active community member, please contact your campus support desk for additional assistance.

Note: Departmental or shared email addresses cannot self-upgrade. If you wish to upgrade a departmental or shared email address, contact your campus IT help desk to request assistance.

If you are unable to self-upgrade because you have forgotten your UTORid password, please contact your campus IT help desk.


If you completed the upgrade from UTORmail to Office 365 (UTmail+) email but are concerned that some of your old messages or contacts were left behind, you can request temporary access into an archived version of your UTORmail mailbox.    

If you elected to transfer your old UTORmail messages to Office 365 email, start by checking whether messages are still in the process of being transferred:  

      1. Go to the UTORid Management website and click on Get Info.  
      2. Enter your UTORid and password.
      3. Select the checkbox Check status of transfer of UTORmail messages to UTmail+.
      4. Click Authenticate.   

If the resulting screen indicates that no more messages are being processed, submit a Request Assistance ticket to the Information Commons Help Desk for two-week temporary access to your archived UTORmail mailbox. You will then be able to manually export out any messages that are missing.   

After upgrading, ensure that you have updated your account settings in any mail clients you use, such as Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc. Step-by-step documentation is available for various configurations in the Information Commons Knowledge Base > Email category.

If you access your email through a third-party app such as Samsung Email, check this list to see if it is compatible with UTmail+.

The Office 365 (UTmail+) email service offers significant improvements over legacy UTORmail accounts, including:

      • Increased default storage capacity (from 200 MB on UTORmail to 50,000 MB or more).  
      • Can be configured for desktops, laptops, phones and tablets, as well as web access.  
      • Productivity features including calendaring, notifications and seamless integration with Microsoft 365 products and services in use at U of T.  
      • Security features including automatic linkage with UTORMFA (U of T’s multi-factor authentication service), improved spam filtering and phish reporting.  
      • Built-in accessibility features for reading and writing emails.  

To learn more about Office 365 (UTmail+) features, please see the UTmail+ summary page.

General resources on how to use Microsoft-based email:  

      • Staff and faculty can access instructor-led and self-learning courses through the EASI Microsoft 365 Training Centre.
      • Tips and tricks from the Information Commons Knowledge Base: > Knowledge Base > Email + Office 365 Apps > UTmail+.
      • Microsoft’s own documentation for getting started with email.

All University of Toronto email accounts are subject to relevant guidelines and policies as described here.

Note that inappropriate account usage, including for commercial or personal gain, can result in immediate termination of the account. 


While the Digital Workplace will be sending out legitimate notices to community members regarding their email accounts, it is important to remember that malicious actors often disguise fraudulent emails as email upgrade notices. For this reason, please note that legitimate UTORmail end of service notices will always meet the following criteria:  

  • Notices will be sent from a U of T departmental email address, a U of T listserv or your local IT staff (if applicable).  
  • Notices will indicate which unit or department of the University you can contact for more information.  
  • Notices will NOT ask you to upgrade an eligible email account by:  
      • Responding to an unsolicited email with personal information.  
      • Opening an email attachment.  
      • Clicking on a button embedded in an email, or a link in an email that conceals its destination (such as links that say “click here“).  
      • Sending a text/SMS message. 

If you receive an end of service notice that does not meet these criteria, do not respond to it or click on any links it contains. Forward it on to the Information Security team at and then delete the emailReminder: The University of Toronto will NEVER ask you to divulge your passwords to its staff in order to gain access to systems.

For more information on phishing and protecting yourself online, please see Information Security’s Security Matters website.

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If you are unsure which desk to contact, reach out to your campus IT help desk. 

Technical support for U of T email is provided by IT help desks at the department, college/faculty and campus levels.

UTORmail Project Contacts

  • Website, hours of operation, and submit a help ticket online:  
  • Email: 
  • Phone: 416-978-HELP (4357)  
  • Ground floor, Robarts Library, 130 St. George Street, Toronto, ON (check website for in-person availability)  
  • Refreshed U of T alumni email service coming soon.
  • More details and contact information to be updated shortly.

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Project Information


UTORmail is the University of Toronto’s legacy institutional email service, which issued email addresses ending in prior to 2008 (faculty, staff, and librarians) or 2012 (students).  

Since 2012, UTORmail has been in a maintenance-only state (security upgrades only). It has been replaced by Office 365 (UTmail+) email, a modern institutional communication and collaboration platform powered by Microsoft 365. Active UTORmail accounts across all three campuses have been upgraded to Office 365 via both department-facilitated and self-serve processes. 

Project Team

Project sponsor

Digital Workplace, Enterprise Applications and Solutions Integration, Information Technology Services, University of Toronto 

Enterprise Applications and Solutions Integration (EASI), Information Technology Services 

  • Vicki Vokas, Manager, Digital Workplace 
  • Gerry Lindo, Project Manager 
  • Natalie Yeung, Digital Workplace Specialist
  • Kathleen McLeod, Services Engagement Coordinator

Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS), Information Technology Services 

  • Vince Borghese, Project Manager 

Information Commons Help Desk, University of Toronto Libraries 

  • James Lawson, Help Desk Supervisor 
  • Amanda Wagner, Help Desk Analyst

Get Help

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