Reminder Student Information Systems to Launch New Site on Monday, November 16

Date: November 11, 2020
ROSI Users
Student Information Systems
Reminder Student Information Systems to Launch New Site on Monday, November 16


Dear ROSI users,

We are excited to announce that Student Information Systems (SIS) is replacing its current SIS for Staff website with a more secure, modern, and up to date site on Monday, November 16. It’s a development that will provide users with a brand-new experience thanks to its new design, accessible interface, and extended search results and accessibility features.

You will notice that we are moving the SIS website to SharePoint. This will allow us to share more information than we can in the current public website. You will need to use your UTORid and password to access the site.

Since spring 2020, Student Information Systems has worked on enhancing content currency, web structure, security, and design to provide a better user experience.

The new SIS SharePoint site is scheduled to launch on Monday, November 16.

Learn more about this project with the Remodeled Student Information Systems Website article.



Sensitive Information 

  • Will be more secure and will only be available to Staff and Faculty (including the Federated institutions)
  • Will no longer be housed on public platforms (Google, WordPress)
  • Will allow us to make more information available to ROSI users than we can currently on a public site

Microsoft Search 

  • Will help users to find information more easily
  • Will allow users to search across pages, files, names, titles, and full text from the entire SharePoint site
  • Will provide a more user-friendly and accessible experience

Modern Platform 

  • Will provide us with tools that will keep the site up to date
  • Will be available on mobile App and built-in responsive platform
  • Will include built-in accessibility features
  • Will provide a similar user experience with other EASI groups
  • Will integrate Enterprise Service Centre (ESC) for technical support and knowledge base articles

Please stay tuned for more details.

Questions about our new site or content? Check out the list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have a question about the site or content, submit a ticket in the Enterprise Service Centre (ESC).

This email has been sent from a service account and does not accept replies. Please direct any follow-up questions to the Enterprise Service Centre

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