What should I do to avoid missed correspondence?

To avoid missed correspondence, reach out to your contacts to inform them that your U of T email address will be going out of service. Remember to supply an alternative means for them to contact you.

Don’t forget to update your contact information with:

  • People or organizations you correspond with.
  • Subscriptions to newsletters, mailing lists or listservs.
  • Services that provide alerts and notifications (e.g. news, banking or taxes, health and safety alerts).
  • Online logins and accounts (e.g. social media, online shopping, clubs and memberships).

If you wish to open a new email account, there are numerous free and paid email providers to choose from. Examples of free email services include Gmail (from Google), Outlook.com (from Microsoft), or Yahoo! Mail. Home internet providers such as Rogers or Bell may also include email accounts as part of their service packages.

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