Information Management


July 16, 2020

RefWorks is a citation management tool that enables users to keep track of the citations used in their research. The RefWorks add-in for Microsoft Word has recently been made available

What to Use When in Office 365

July 15, 2020

OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint. Are you overwhelmed by all the options in Office 365 and not sure how they relate to each other? Join us for this interactive discussion on how

Information Management in Office 365

July 9, 2020

​What are the expectations when it comes to storing information in Office 365? This session will introduce you to records retention, FIPPA and data classification requirements at the university, with additional time for Q&A on

Introduction to SharePoint Lists

April 23, 2020

Lists are a fundamental building block in SharePoint that provides a way for users to store and view data. Add columns for different types of data, such as text, currency,