Connect+Learn: Create a Simple Work Location Tracker with Lists

November 18, 2021

The emerging hybrid work model means that you and your team members could be in different locations on different days of the week. But how can your team quickly reference

Connect+Learn: Online Storage with SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams: What to Use When

August 5, 2021

OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint. Are you overwhelmed by all the options in Microsoft 365 and not sure how they relate to each other or what you should use when? Join EASI’s

Connect+Learn: Creating a Wiki in SharePoint

July 22, 2021

Creating a knowledge base is an efficient way to collect, update and share organizational information. The best way to present your knowledge base on SharePoint is as a Wiki using

Connect+Learn: Sharing with Microsoft 365 Online Storage Tools

June 22, 2021

In this interactive session we’ll dive into sharing in OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams and look at the various options when sharing files, folders or sites. Topics include: Using Anyone links

Connect+Learn: Maximizing Your Teams-Connected SharePoint Site

April 21, 2021

Are you a team owner? Did you know you automatically have a SharePoint site connected to your team? In this session we’ll explore the specific features of Teams-connected sites including:

Connect+Learn: Microsoft Lists

April 1, 2021

In this session, join EASI’s Information Management team to explore the new Microsoft Lists app (formerly SharePoint Lists). Topics discussed will include: Creating lists from templates, Excel or custom. Using lists as

What to Use When in Office 365

July 15, 2020

OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint. Are you overwhelmed by all the options in Office 365 and not sure how they relate to each other? Join us for this interactive discussion on how

How to Build User-Friendly and Accessible Web Pages in SharePoint Online

May 26, 2020

Tune in to this session to learn how to build inviting web pages in SharePoint. Recommendations will reference key User Experience (UX) Design principles and Accessibility Standards for Ontario. New

Introduction to the SharePoint Online

May 5, 2020

Have you heard about SharePoint but aren’t sure where to start? This session will provide an overview of the SharePoint Online service and considerations for adoption of SharePoint Online. We’ll

Introduction to SharePoint Lists

April 23, 2020

Lists are a fundamental building block in SharePoint that provides a way for users to store and view data. Add columns for different types of data, such as text, currency,