Microsoft Scheduling Poll

Use Scheduling Poll to find the most ideal meeting time


The FindTime add-in has been replaced with Scheduling Poll.

Scheduling Poll is currently available to all users of Outlook on the Desktop Client, Web, and Mac platforms. Locate the add-in on the right side of the top ribbon in your outlook interface.

Scheduling Poll looks through the attendees’ schedule (if available) and suggests a list of suitable meeting times. The organizer can send multiple time options through Scheduling Poll and minimize the back-and-forth emails about scheduling. Factors used to determine the best options include how many attendees are free, how many required vs. optional attendees are free, whether conflicted attendees have tentative or busy commitments on their calendar.

While scheduling a meeting you can use Scheduling Poll and minimize the back-and-forth emails about the date and time which works for everyone.

Campus deployment
Deployed at U of T Saint George campus Deployed at U of T Missisauga campus Deployed at U of T Scarborough campus
User group
Available to Staff Available to Faculty Available to Students

Product Information


Learn how to create a Scheduling Poll by visiting article 

FindTime in the IT Service Centre:

Technical Requirements​

  • Linked to Microsoft 365 tenant.​
  • FindTime must be added to Outlook.


Included with staff, faculty and student Microsoft 365 licenses.​

Contact Information

Submit a ticket through the IT Service Centre at