I am unable to swipe in at the clock. Now what?

Please see your supervisor.

If there is a technical issue with the clock, you can email utime@utoronto.com or contact your local IT support for help. Alternatively, a user can record hours using your mobile device or PC. Your supervisor will also be able to record your hours on your behalf.

Why implement Kronos?

Managing time and attendance manually is intensive, time-consuming and poses serious security risks. In addition, handing off timesheets and entering data into multiple entry-points often result in inaccurate pay, which requires corrections and may need additional resources to resolve.


For help, first to the Employees, Manager/Supervisors, or Payroll Administrators menus.

Still need an answer? Go to the Enterprise Service Centre.

What is Kronos?

Kronos is the University of Toronto’s time management web-based system.  It has been implemented at various departments and will eventually be deployed throughout the university.