New Hire setup

Once a UTORid has been created and provided by HR, open a ticket to Client Care through the ‘My Service Request’ application found on your desktop.

Enter your U of T email address and phone number.

Under Which Helpdesk?, make sure SIMCOE.HELP is checked and under Problem Encountered New Account is checked.

A Details of New User template will now appear. Fill out all relevant boxes and Submit.

This ticket will ensure ITS Client Care has the correct information for:

  • creating a Windows User Account
  • providing access to personal and department network drives
  • printer driver installation to personal and network shared printers
  • software installation
  • Listserv access

Employee support

The Digital Workplace team currently provides a wide range of IT services to employees in 30 units across the University, including:

  • Simcoe Hall
  • Multiple faculties and departments
  • Shared Services departments

Find a comprehensive list of Digital Workplace divisions.