How can I access my work files from any device?

The simplest option for accessing your work files from home is to upload them to OneDrive. OneDrive is available to all staff, students and faculty at the University of Toronto, and you can access it through the Office 365 web interface.

To learn how to upload your computer files to OneDrive before you work from home, access OneDrive training through the University’s SuccessFactors website.

What if I don’t have OneDrive?

Good news – all University of Toronto staff, students and faculty have access to OneDrive! Getting started is easy: to learn more about how you can use OneDrive at U of T, visit EASI’s OneDrive page.

Access OneDrive training through the University’s SuccessFactors website.

Is OneDrive secure?

Yes, OneDrive is secure. To learn more about how OneDrive safeguards your data in the cloud, please read this article from Microsoft.