Absence Declaration Enhancement Details – July 6 Launch

Date:  June 30, 2021
To:  U of T Staff
From:  Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration
Re: Absence Declaration Enhancement Details – July 6 Launch


Hi everyone,

This is a reminder that Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration (EASI) plans to release an upgrade to the Absence Declaration tool on July 6, 2021. Currently, this tool is available in ACORN for students and in ROSI for Administrators. The administrators’ screens for Absence Declaration will be housed on the new Online Administrative Student Information Services (OASIS) platform. OASIS is where we will be building new ROSI functionality in the future.

 The URL for OASIS will be active on July 6 after 12 pm (ET):  https://oasis.easi.utoronto.ca

If you were unable to join us for a Connect+Learn session to learn more about the enhancement, you can watch a recording here.

In preparation for the launch, the Absence Declaration tool in ACORN will be unavailable on Monday, July 5. All other functionality in ACORN will remain available. If students need to record an absence for July 5, they will be able to do so on July 6 after 12:00 pm (ET).  In ROSI, the Absence Declaration screens will be changed to read-only access; administrators will be able to record absences in OASIS starting on July 6.

We have also updated our instructions to students (currently not public) on how to declare, edit and cancel an absence declaration in ACORN. Please update your materials to reflect these changes and feel free to link to our resources on ACORN Help. These links will be published on July 6 with the same URLs.

How do I declare an absence? https://help.acorn.utoronto.ca/blog/ufaqs/how-do-i-declare-an-absence/

How do I edit an existing absence declaration? https://help.acorn.utoronto.ca/blog/ufaqs/how-do-i-edit-an-existing-absence-declaration/

How do I cancel an absence declaration? https://help.acorn.utoronto.ca/blog/ufaqs/how-do-i-cancel-an-absence-declaration/

We will be sending out further communications on July 6 to announce the launch and provide you with further details.

This email has been sent from a service account and does not accept replies. Please direct any follow up questions to the Enterprise Service Centre http://www.uoft.me/esc

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