Absence declaration – New ROSI Express reports

Date: April 1, 2020
ROSI Users
Student Information Systems
Absence declaration – New ROSI Express reports


This afternoon EASI released two new reports in ROSI Express. These reports will assist divisions and departments in tracking their students who have self declared absences using the ACORN Absence Declaration tool. These reports can be found in the general Reports tab in the ROSI Express Menu. As with other ROSI Express reports, the output can be viewed on the page or downloaded.

Absence List by Department

 This report provides declared absences of students in courses within a particular department or unit on a given date or date range. The output includes Session Code, Academic Activity Code, Section Code, Primary Teaching Method, Primary Section Number, Person Id, Name, Absence Date, Creation Id, Timestamp, Confirmation Number, and Delete Indicator.

“Session Code”, “From Date” and “Primary Organization Code” are required fields. To specify a date range, add a date in the “To Date” field. Add a “Section Code” if you wish to restrict the courses to a particular section type. To restrict the report to a given department, enter a Secondary Org Code or a list of Secondary Org Codes in the “Secondary Organization Code List” field, separated by commas or blanks. In divisions with no units, leave the Secondary Org Code blank.

Absence List by Student

 This report provides declared absences of an individual student or a list of students on a given date or date range. The output includes Person Id, Absence Date, Creation Id, Timestamp, Confirmation Number and Delete Indicator.

Enter the following required fields: a date in the ‘From Date’ field and a student number in the “Person Id List” field to display a declared absence on a specific day for a given student. Enter a ‘To Date’ also if you wish to display a range of dates. To display more than one student, enter person ids separated by commas or spaces.

Please refer to field help on both screens. We are also preparing a knowledge base article in the Enterprise Service Centre (ESC).

A third report for an individual course will be released later. That information can be obtained now with all courses in the unit in the Absence List by Department report.

EASI – Student Information Systems

Adjustments to summer Y and F course locations, delivery mode

Date: April 7, 2020
To: ROSI Users
From: Student Information Systems
Re: Adjustments to summer Y and F course locations, delivery mode


Hello colleagues,

The Provost’s Office and the academic continuity group has asked that all full summer and first summer term course information be updated in ROSI and ACORN to reflect the current arrangements for instruction this summer.  Accordingly, ACE, UTM, and UTSC have removed location information for all Y and F courses for which they had previously allocated classroom space. EASI is in the process of updating the delivery mode on all Y and F courses to “ONL” (Online). Once this is completed the information will appear in ACORN (student personal timetable, course enrolment screen and enrolment cart, etc.), Course Finder and the Course Information System.

While we are updating this information in bulk to speed the update and reduce manual entries in divisional registrars’ offices, there still are some things that timetabling offices should check on:

  • Only academic activities with a type ‘CRS’ will have the teaching method updated to “ONL”. For other academic activity types this might be inappropriate. Divisions should check these and update them if they do meet the definition of an Online activity. (see the attached list for these exceptions. Note, only applies to FAS, Law, UTSC and SGS).
    Fully Online Course: A course is considered to be “online” if it has been designed such that all of the instructional interaction occurs without the student and instructor being in the same physical location, with the exception of final or interim assessment requiring attendance on campus no more than once per term.
  • There may be cases where a course does not meet the definition of “Online” or where the instructor has set a different delivery method, these courses should be adjusted when you have that information
  • ACE has only removed the location on those courses for which they are responsible for room allocation. We have checked to see if there are other courses with locations. At the moment there are none but your office should still check the information and be careful not to add any.. (You can find all of your course information in the Academic Activities download (1 D A or 1 D B)).
  • We have made no change to the TBA indicator on courses. You may want to check that this information is accurate.

We have not included S courses in these changes. If these arrangements are extended to July/August offerings we will advise you before making similar changes. We are taking all steps possible to support divisions and avoid local data entry for these mitigations.

N.B., the delivery mode and evaluation settings will copy forward when you perform your activity rollover for next summer.

Please let us know if you have questions about any of this.

EASI – Student Information Systems.