What would we need to factor in when deciding to migrate recordings to OneDrive vs SharePoint?

There are many considerations when choosing between OneDrive and SharePoint for your video storage. OneDrive is your personal storage space for the work you do with the University, and SharePoint is generally used when you are working in a group setting with colleagues who all need full access to the same files/recordings. For a full overview of these considerations from an information management perspective, see this page from our SharePoint team: https://utoronto.sharepoint.com/sites/SPLearn/SitePages/Information-Management-and-Office-365.aspx 

Will all my videos and associated metadata be migrated by the migration tool?

The Stream Migration process is designed to transfer all your videos and associated metadata from Stream Classic to the new Stream. This includes video titles, descriptions, transcripts, captions, comments, likes, views and permissions. For a full list of metadata that will be moved with your videos, please see this overview from Microsoft.

Note: If you are downloading videos manually, this will not automatically download metadata such as captions and video descriptions. You must download these items separately.

I have 29 videos. Can I request a migration?

While downloading videos from your Stream Classic library is a fairly quick process, there may be instances where you have close to 30 videos and a use case that lends itself to using the migration tool instead, such as embedded links in Quercus or a high volume of custom caption files. In these cases, please reach out to our support team and we will advise you of the best approach. 

Why can only people with a large volume of videos request a migration?

While Microsoft has created a tool to assist in video migrations, preparing a video library for migration takes time for our support team: it includes an intake process, library review and validation, a scheduled migration and client follow up. 

We currently offer video migrations for users with Stream Classic video libraries of more than 30 videos. With thousands of Stream Classic users at the University, this number helps us to make sure we can provide the best level of support to those who need to migrate a high volume of content – there are many users who have hundreds of videos! 

How can I move my videos over to Stream (on SharePoint)?

You have two options for moving videos over to Stream (on SharePoint): downloading your videos manually and uploading them or requesting a video migration. The option you choose will be determined by factors such as the number of videos you have and the number of videos you want to keep. For an overview of your options, please reference the information on this page.

Where can I store my videos when Stream Classic is retired?

You will continue to have a range of video storage options: with Stream (on SharePoint) you can still use OneDrive or SharePoint to upload and share your video files with others. Just follow the same steps as you would for any other Microsoft file type. Your videos will be stored securely and accessible from any device. 

For academic activities, you can also look at other institutionally supported video storage tools such as MyMedia.