Stream (Classic) will be retired for U of T. For more information and instructions on how to move your videos over to the new version of Stream see U of T Stream Classic Retirement.

Microsoft Stream is a secure video service that allows you to share recordings of classes, meetings, presentations, training sessions and related videos. With Stream, users can access their videos on multiple devices from any location and deliver both live and on-demand videos to curated audiences.

Stream also offers a number of features that will help you create and deliver the most engaging communications, meetings, training and education. These features include:

  • Speech to text and auto-generated closed captions.
  • Flexible permission settings that allow users to share videos with specific groups, channels and people.
  • Custom video libraries that can be organized by audience and topic.
  • Video commenting and time code tags to refer colleagues to specific parts of videos.

Stream (Classic) will be retired for U of T. Please download or request migration for video content you wish to retain by following the instructions on the U of T Stream Classic Retirement page. For additional information, check your U of T inbox for an official notice from and read the community announcement:

Campus deployment
Deployed at U of T Saint George campus Deployed at U of T Missisauga campus Deployed at U of T Scarborough campus
User group
Available to Staff Available to Faculty Available to Students


UTmail+ Home

Log in to your online Outlook/UTmail+ account and click on the waffle in the top left corner. Click “All apps”. Select the Stream tool.