U of T staff can soon request, track vacation online

Vacation – it’s a time of relaxation and rejuvenation. But in the past, requesting vacation and other types of leaves involved multiple spreadsheets, emails and a lot of hassle. Soon, U of T staff and faculty will be able to submit leave requests online, have them approved by managers and view their updated records in …

U of T kicks off new comprehensive budgeting tool project

An intuitive interface, multi-year compensation planning, and detailed five-year expense forecasts are just some of the benefits of U of T’s new planning and budgeting application, a project that officially kicked off on March 4. The University has partnered with Questica to deliver a new cloud-based budgeting software solution, set to go live in winter …

EASI Executive Director for an hour

What does it take to be Executive Director (ED) of Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration (EASI)? Darshan Harrinanan, a project manager with EASI, found out on Thursday, January 31, when he donned the grey turtleneck and took the reins from Cathy Eberts for an hour. He won the prize to be Cathy’s replacement at a …

U of T’s Course Information System gets facelift

The Course Information System (CIS) is kicking off the New Year with a new look and feel – ready to save U of T faculty and administrators hundreds of hours of work. After three months of usability testing and a survey conducted in early December 2018, CIS will display a redesigned homepage and other functional … Continue reading “U of T’s Course Information System gets facelift”

U of T introduces online admission deposits

Applying for programs can be a stressful experience for many students – from writing personal statements to requesting references to hoping for good news. Now, U of T has simplified one part of the process for admitted students, and will soon allow them to pay program admission deposits online. In the past, students had to … Continue reading “U of T introduces online admission deposits”

Revisiting U of T’s faster registration, future modernization

It’s been over two months since U of T completed a three-year project to upgrade its student information system. After converting millions of lines of code and replacing an aging server, where does U of T stand and how will the system fare in the future? The project, launched on November 19, 2018, was one … Continue reading “Revisiting U of T’s faster registration, future modernization”

U of T hosts first international residence application conference

As an application that is used by all 13 U of T residences, StarRez has streamlined the residence process for thousands of students – from the application process to deposits, room assignments and maintenance. On November 7, StarRez users came together to discover best practices, tips and tricks, and to discuss process improvements. The event, … Continue reading “U of T hosts first international residence application conference”

U of T launches faster registration, future modernization

After three years of intense preparation, the success of the Platform Modernization Project came down to one weekend. Led by Next Generation Student Information Services (NGSIS), the project involved converting over 2 million lines of code and replacing an aging server. The new platform will modernize U of T’s student information system for years to … Continue reading “U of T launches faster registration, future modernization”

Excellence Through Innovation Awards 2018

Congratulations to staff members from Enterprise Applications & Solutions Integration (EASI) and the Planning & Budget Office for winning three U of T Excellence Through Innovation Awards (ETIA). These awards recognize the contributions of administrative staff in advancing the University’s strategic objectives, encouraging administrative innovation, and providing a platform for sharing best practices. ETIA is …

U of T to create centralized, online awards system

U of T has just announced the beginning of a multi-year project to help students easily search and apply for awards. The new system will automatically match students to relevant awards and notify them about funding decisions, amounts and payment dates. Not only will this platform increase transparency and efficiency, but it will also help …