Can I share my videos with a wide audience in the new version of Stream? 

Yes, In Stream (on SharePoint) you can share your videos with anyone in your organization and external users* as well. You can take the embed code and use it with any website. You can also have a SharePoint site and feature your videos.  

*External links expire after 30 days. External sharing is off by default for SharePoint sites. Please speak with the SharePoint team if you require this to be turned on. If you only need your video to be viewed by internal users (e.g. a class), we recommend using the “People in University of Toronto” share setting. This is equivalent to the “visible to organization” setting in Stream Classic. 

Will any of the features from Stream classic not transfer over to Stream (on SharePoint)? Will I still be able to upload a video to Stream and have Stream auto-generate a transcription for it?

Stream on SharePoint offers the same features as Stream Classic with many improvements. However, at this time the ability to add embedded polls to Stream videos is not currently available in Stream on SharePoint. Microsoft has included this feature in their roadmap and has indicated that it is in development. We will update the community re: release date as we know more. Improved auto-transcription is available in Stream on SharePoint. 

You can see a full comparison list of features here: 

Stream Classic has a “group” tab where you can place videos into different groups. Will the group tab be available in Stream on SharePoint?

In Stream Classic, the “group” tab shows you videos sorted into their corresponding Microsoft Teams team/channel. The videos you see here will often be meeting recordings and/or videos where a team has been added as an additional owner. The group tab will not be available in Stream on SharePoint, but your videos will still be associated with the team/channel they were associated with in Stream Classic, and you can group your videos into folders and libraries. If you want to display the videos associated with a specific team/channel with Stream on SharePoint, you have a few options. You can read more here                                                          

There are videos in Stream Classic that I still need to access after the retirement, but the video owner has left the University. What should I do?

There are a limited number of videos in Stream Classic that have no owner associated with them because the video owner has left the University. In some cases, community members may still require access to an abandoned video: for example, a TA who is no longer with the University may have uploaded a lecture recording that the course instructor still needs to use. If you require access to a video that no longer has an owner, please email for support.